3 Common Fears about LSD Recovery

3 Common Fears about LSD Recovery

LSD addiction recovery can seem scary or overwhelming. You may fear relapse or what others may think. In many cases, these feelings are very much routed in fear or paranoia. These specific feelings may be common side effects from LSD use. There is no reason to be concerned about recovery. The fear of the great unknown or change in your life can fuel irrational expectations. It is also difficult for many of us to relinquish control over to another. Even if you need help, it can be hard to be vulnerable enough to trust someone else.

Quality treatment plans are always developed with the patient in mind. If you struggle with drug abuse, know you will have a say in how your recovery is structured. Initial treatment plans can be changed to meet your needs. If you are concerned about what goes on in rehab behind closed doors, call our helpline. Ask if you can take a tour of some rehab facilities or talk to someone on staff.Discuss your concerns and ask any questions you have before going through admissions. When you know what to expect, this can make a huge difference and offer reassurance.

Fear of Recurring Flashbacks with LSD Recovery

LSD’s dissociative effects can be frightening. There are many symptoms, such as visual and auditory distortions. You may even experience a sense of floating. Dissociation is another symptom. This is when the user feels detached from reality. Dissociative drugs can also cause anxiety, memory loss, and impaired motor function, including body tremors and numbness.[1]

In some cases, even those who discontinue LSD use may experience negative flashbacks. This condition is known as persistent psychosis. For anyone who feels this way, there is no better place for you to be than in a safe and secure rehab environment. Trained addiction specialists can help you improve your mental health. Don’t focus on the fear and anxiety of change. Instead, focus on the positive results of getting treatment.

Fear of Mental Health Concerns with LSD Recovery

If you have severe depression or schizophrenia, these are sometimes associated with the effects of LSD. A trained and knowledgeable staff can improve the quality of your treatment. LSD is known for its strange long-term effects. Some of these effects last well past the time of ingestion. In some cases, individuals have been known to hurt themselves or someone else while under the influence of LSD. Depression, anxiety, panic and even suicidal thoughts can be long-term effects of hallucinogens.[2] Treatment staff monitors individuals upon admittance. Throughout their stay, changes are made to aid the treatment process. In some cases, drug therapy and other forms of treatment are used to counter side effects.

Need LSD Recovery Treatment?

If you would like to talk with someone about your LSD addiction,call our toll-free helpline. Help is available 24-hours a day. You can find out more about treatment options. Maybe you just need someone to talk with about your fears or concerns. We are here to help. LSD use can be overwhelming and scary. Each counselor has been professionally trained in the area of substance abuse. You will receive the best care available to help you get clean. Turn over a new leaf. Find the help you need today.

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