3 Reasons to Not Waste Time Before Getting Sober

3 Reasons to Not Waste Time Before Getting Sober

The best time to get treatment is when you feel the urge to seek help

It may seem logical to put off addiction treatment for a few weeks or months due to financial reasons or the time you will be separated from family. However, with this mindset, months can turn into years, so you may stay addicted for who knows how long until you seek professional help. In other words, if you trick yourself into thinking you can delay treatment until the timing is right, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Addiction is an uncontrollable disease unless you get to get to the root of the problem with professional care. The more time you spend putting off treatment, the easier it gets to keep delaying it until recovery seems like a distant dream. In response, take this chance and sign up for rehab.

Start Treatment While You Feel Motivated

The best time to get treatment is when you feel the urge to seek help. There will never be a time when rehab seems convenient, so you must make whatever sacrifices are necessary to get into treatment as soon as possible. Addiction is a disease that requires urgency, so, once you decide to get help for your addiction, the clock is ticking—the longer you wait between committing to rehab and actually starting the treatment, the more likely it becomes that you will either relapse or decide to avoid professional help. The waiting period before rehab is treacherous for multiple reasons. Some users can manage or reduce their LSD use for a short time while waiting for rehab to begin; they may even falsely believe at this time that they have their addictions under control. Other addicts lack the self-control to deal with the free time that comes with waiting for rehab, so they will turn back to drug use simply to pass the time. However, by starting treatment when you feel motivated to do so, you will put more effort into recovery and avoid some risks associated with addiction treatment.

Start Repairing Your Relationships

Addiction affects the lives of many more people than just the user. In fact, families and friendships are routinely broken apart due to addiction. While you are abusing LSD, you may be unaware of how much damage you are causing your relationships, but you will eventually see how much the drug directs how you treat your loved ones. Addiction can change you so much that you may seem like a different person while you remain ignorant of the changes[1].

Until you emerge from the cloud of addiction, you will be unable to see the problems that addiction causes your relationships. Even if an addict focuses all her remaining energy on her relationships, it will be impossible for her to make amends without getting clean first. Addiction breaks down communication and causes users to hurt other people, so the only way to fix the damage is to get sober. According to a study conducted by Biola University, the more time someone empathizes with a transgressor, the more open he feels to forgiveness[2]. For this reason, make it a point to spend as much time as possible with the friends with whom you want to reconnect.

Fix Your Financial Situation

Paying for rehab often prevents people from enrolling in rehab. Most addicts are already stretched thin financially, so the high upfront cost of rehab may scare them away from treatment. While you may fear failing in recovery and spending thousands of dollars to do so, if you do not at some point invest in rehab, then your addiction will keep spiraling out of control. There is a large expense associated with rehab, but it will pay dividends for the rest of your life, as it will give you the opportunity and tools you need to get and stay clean. Consider the numbers: long-term, inpatient rehab program could cost $25,000 or more, but compare that figure with a daily LSD habit that could cost anywhere from $55,000-$73,000 annually: rehab will pay for itself quickly[3]. This type of treatment is in no way a guarantee that you will stay sober forever, but it gives you everything you need to succeed in sobriety. After rehab ends, you can focus on getting any loans or other bills paid off with all the money you save by avoiding relapse.

Stop Delaying Recovery and Get Help Now

There will never be a perfect time to attend addiction treatment, so you must sacrifice something to make rehab work, but recovery will be worth it. To learn more about what happens during rehab and to explore your treatment options, call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to let you know if your health insurance will cover the cost of rehab and to discuss quality addiction treatment. Give us a call today to figure out which option is right for you and to begin your recovery as soon as possible.


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