4 Ways that Addiction Robs You of Your Personality

4 Ways that Addiction Robs You of Your Personality

Adults who abuse drugs are more likely to perform poorly at work and lose their healthy personal relationships

Many people begin using drugs such as LSD in order to have more fun or be more social, but as addiction progresses, it can actually rob individuals of their personality by causing them to become increasingly obsessed with drug use. Eventually, the obsession with drugs can become so strong that other areas of the addicted individual’s life become less interesting or important. Listed below are four ways addiction can change the life and personality of a substance user.

#1 Addiction Causes Individuals to Lose Track of Their Goals

Many individuals who are naturally hardworking, success-oriented people are held back by substance abuse problems. Perhaps you have a Type A personality and your ability to get things done has always been an important aspect of who you are. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), teenagers and adults who abuse drugs are more likely to have difficulties in their academic or professional lives. Teenage drug users are more likely to drop out of school, find themselves in violent situations, or experience unplanned pregnancies, while adults who abuse drugs are more likely to perform poorly at work and lose their healthy personal relationships. Even if you are a driven individual, drug use can prevent you from reaching your potential.

#2 Individuals with Addiction Lose Interest in Things They Once Valued

During the scope of an addiction, drug use becomes increasingly important to the addicted individual, while other interests start to take a back seat. For example, if you used to love playing sports, you may no longer demonstrate any interest in physical activity, possibly because your drug use has negatively affected your physical healthy, but also because you have become so caught up in your addiction that you have time for little else. Individuals suffering from addiction often lose interest in their families, careers, and passions, all the important aspects of life that represent their values and who they are.

#3 Compulsive Drug Use Isolates the User from Family and Friends

Perhaps you are an individual who strongly values her personal relationships. Maybe you have always had close friends and family with whom you can truly be yourself and show your true personality. However, as your use of drugs such as LSD spirals out of control, you probably feel the need to hide substance use from the people you love. If you are using drugs most of the time and hiding it from your friends and family, then that probably means you are not spending quality time with the people who mean the most to you.

According to the book Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy, individuals with addiction often leave meaningful relationships behind for new relationships with other drug users. Perhaps substance use has caused you to stop spending time with the people the people who truly care about you and love you for who you are. Perhaps you have sought out new relationships with people who also use substances. Even if that’s the case, with the help of addiction treatment, you can leave substance abuse behind and restore your personal relationships.

#4 Individuals with Addiction Suffer from Physical and Emotional Symptoms

Addiction causes many symptoms that may interfere with your typical personality. Individuals suffering from addiction may develop symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and mood swings, depending on which drugs they are abusing. Furthermore, certain drugs can cause an ordinarily cautious person to take unnecessary risks, such as driving while intoxicated. According to NIDA, scientific studies have shown that the brains of individuals suffering from addiction have been altered, particularly in the areas associated with judgment, decision-making, learning, memory, and behavior control.

Addiction Treatment Can Restore Personality

Having an addiction can be a frightening experience, but rest assured that with the right help, you can experience recovery. By going through a drug rehab program, individuals with addiction are able to regain control of their behavior and restore their vibrant personalities. Although your life after addiction may be different than your life was before you ever used drugs, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as you can use your experience and knowledge to help others in similar situations. Furthermore, the skills you learn by fighting your addiction can help you to become more hardworking and successful in all areas of your life.

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