5 Reasons to Get Clean from LSD

5 reasons to get clean from LSDWhile the informal community of drug users may defend LSD as “harmless,” the fact remains that no lifestyle that involves mind-altering drugs can keep one out of harm’s way. Also, it should be noted that LSD is rarely a “solo” drug, meaning LSD users often abuse numerous other substances as well. Mixing LSD with any other drugs, alcohol, or even over-the-counter medications results in severe impaired judgment, and makes way for extremely high-risk behavior. If you are using LSD and looking for reasons to get clean, read on. We’ll discuss five advantages of giving up LSD and living a drug-free life.

1. LSD Is One of the Easiest Drug Addictions to Recover From

Although LSD is not considered “addictive” by some (because the body does not develop a physical dependence on it), a user can still become psychologically dependent. And it is still considered habit-forming by nature. Still, since there are no physical withdrawal symptoms to work through when you quit, psychological addiction recovery can begin right away. Counselors and therapists can help patients deal with the emotional and social issues that have led the user to drugs without first waiting for severe physical discomfort to pass.

2. You Can Keep Yourself Safe by Getting Clean from LSD

People have been known to do extremely dangerous things while high on LSD. When you’re purposefully making yourself hallucinate for hours at a time, it goes without saying that strange things can happen. The only way to make sure you don’t do something to harm yourself or others is to live a drug-free lifestyle. There is no good-ending guarantee of what the end result of a “bad trip” would be.

3. You Can Develop Stronger and More Meaningful Relationships without LSD

LSD users often congregate together, dropping acid in social situations. The highs may last for hours, but nothing meaningful is gained to deepen authentic friendship. The end result of this kind of lifestyle is often loneliness and depression, which further fuels the desire for escape through substance abuse. However, when users get clean from LSD, real friendships, having nothing to do with drugs and “tripping” can develop. These kinds of relationships are ones that sustain you in life’s hardest times and don’t put your physical or emotional health in jeopardy.

4. You Can Keep Yourself out of Legal Trouble Related to LSD Use

LSD is a Schedule I drug, according to the classification system of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). That means it’s illegal to possess, and it’s illegal to use. Possession alone can lead to a jail sentence of 1-5 years, depending on the amount of LSD found. A conviction also impacts your future, in some career fields (such as healthcare), as well as possibly preventing you from qualifying to rent or own a home. That hardly seems worth it.

5. Help Getting Clean from LSD Is Available

There is a level of enjoyment in life that can only be found through sobriety. We can help you find emotional health that is not dependent on the fleeting high of LSD. Take the first step and call us. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day. Imagine yourself healthy, strong and able to enjoy life again. It can be your reality. Call us today.