Benefits of Addressing LSD Addiction Problems Early

Benefits of Addressing LSD Addiction Problems Early

When you get treatment, this can help offset the development of long-term LSD effects

Addictions generally develop over time. First, a user experiments with the drug or uses a drug socially. Then as time passes, substance abuse continues and develops into addiction. LSD addiction does not look the same as other addictions, such as heroin or cocaine addiction. Rather, LSD abuse has a variety of warning signs. Some common warning signs of LSD addiction[1] include the following:

  • Hallucinations where users see or hear things that are not there.
  • Altered perceptions of speed or color.
  • Distortion of the size of objects.
  • Blended sensory experiences, such as sound and colors blending together.

If someone you know has these sensations, he or she is very likely on LSD. The sooner an individual seeks treatment, the better. If LSD abuse continues, it is possible that long-term effects from the drug can arise.

Long-Term Effects of LSD Use

The most important benefit of addressing an LSD problem as early as possible is that this step can help prevent the long-term effects of abuse. In most cases, LSD abuse has mental health consequences. Some of the long-term effects include:

  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder – HPPD is the medical term for what are commonly known as “flashbacks.” When a flashback takes place, the user experiences sensations of a past LSD experience. Flashbacks can interfere with the user’s daily life. This makes it increasingly difficult for an individual to function normally. Theories suggest HPPD occurs because of brain damage. This causes malfunctioning signals or LSD-induced experiences stay stored in the brain.
  • Psychosis – One of the most serious and dangerous side effects of LSD abuse is psychosis.[2] Signs of psychosis include difficulty connecting to reality, irrational thinking, poor communication skills, extreme mood swings and continued hallucinations.
  • Injury or death – Because of the nature of LSD, it is common for the user to be at high risk of injury during a hallucination. For example, a user may injure them self unknowingly because of something that is seen or heard. If the user has any form of weapon or uses machinery the results could be lethal.

Many users are under the impression that there are potential medical risks for LSD use, but they will not suffer many long-term effects. This is not true.Many LSD addicts find themselves struggling with serious consequences from serious mental conditions to injuries.

Why Early Treatment Is the Best Option

When you get treatment, this can help offset the development of long-term LSD effects. This is very important so users can stop harming themselves or others while under the influence. Some additional benefits of early treatment include the following:

  • You can fully address emotional issues that may have led to the abuse
  • Prevent further drug use through learning how to manage triggers and avoid relapse
  • Develop helpful coping skills to handle stress and emotional trauma
  • Live a positive, healthy lifestyle without drug abuse

LSD Addiction Help

If you struggle with LSD abuse, treatment is the option for you. Treatment will not only help you stop drug abuse,it will also allow you rebuild your life. If you or a loved one suffers from LSD addiction, know support is available. Let us help you prevent the long-term effects of addiction. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. Do not wait one more day. Please call now.

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