Who Can I Talk to if I Don’t Trust My Family?

Who Can I Talk to if I Don’t Trust My Family?

It helps to have an ally when you are recovering from addiction, but if relationships with your family are strained it can feel like there is nowhere to turn. Addiction is too big of a problem for you to handle on your own, but if you cannot count on your family’s support there are plenty […]

People Who Can Help You Recover from LSD Addiction

People who can help you recover from LSD addiction

LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic drug.LSD produces mind-altering effects and has a high potential for abuse.[1] This drug can alter an individual’s behaviors, thoughts, feelings and actions. In some cases, LSD can produce a “bad trip.” This is where frightening thoughts overwhelm the user. LSD abuse can also trigger mental illnesses such as acute mania, schizophrenia, […]

Counseling for LSD Addiction

Counseling for LSD addiction

For someone addicted to the altered reality brought on by LSD, psychological counseling offers a good track record for success. Addiction treatment programs with evidence-based counseling give patients more than a sympathetic ear; these protocols teach patients coping skills and stress management techniques that allow them to transform their lives. Basics of LSD Use LSD […]