Grief and LSD Addiction

Grief and LSD Addiction

Using LSD to avoid grief is a dangerous practice that requires immediate help, so do not take grief or a resulting LSD addiction lightly

People often hope for the best, but life’s many twists and turns often yield tragedy. Anything from losing a loved one, a serious accident, becoming unemployed, experiencing a break-up and more can all cause someone to feel grief, which she may medicate with LSD. This is a dangerous practice that requires immediate help, so do not take grief or a resulting LSD addiction lightly.

The Connection between Grief and LSD

Because grief can be so intense, it can have devastating side effects that encourage LSD addiction. The following effects of grief can spark interest in LSD:

  • Depression – When people are depressed, they find even the smallest tasks laborious and dreadful. Having difficulty in the real world can strain relationships and careers while sucking the joy out of living. With these problems, using LSD can become appealing as it gives depressed people the opportunity to silence their symptoms and enjoy life momentarily.
  • Guilt – Feeling guilty is a normal emotion for someone to experience while grieving, but it can be extremely dangerous. Hanging on to guilt is unhealthy, and people can become so occupied with blaming themselves that they use LSD to block this feeling.
  • Anger – This emotion often comes later in the grieving process, but it can be all-consuming. Anger can often result in physical violence, accidents and/or harm to others. Not only can the effects of anger encourage LSD abuse to avoid problems, but the drug can also cause anger during sobriety.
  • Fear – While grieving, people can fear that everything can be taken away in an instance. This fear of loss coupled with anxiety about loss occurring again can be overwhelming, so people will turn to LSD to keep from constantly worrying.

With the many stages of grief, people who are dealing with tragedy can develop an affinity for LSD and the relief it brings.

Preventing LSD Addiction

There is no surefire way to prevent LSD addiction, but if you or a loved one is in the grieving process, take steps to prevent this type of addiction from developing. If a tragic event occurs, make sure you or your loved one can receive therapeutic care to address the issues. It is also extremely helpful to have an outlet for stress and anger, so it does not stay bottled up.

LSD Addiction Help

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