Having the Right Expectations for LSD Rehab and Recovery

Having the right expectations for LSD rehab and recovery

Develop appropriate expectations for what rehab treatment and a life in recovery looks like

LSD is a popular street drug. It creates hallucinations – sensations and images that appear real although they are not. This psychedelic substance does not cause addiction in the way that many other drugs do, because the body does not become chemically dependent on it. However, LSD can cause a type of psychological or emotional dependence in which users become literally addicted to the feeling of getting high, the unique sensations or clarity it can give, or the psychological escape it offers.

So, in many ways, getting clean from LSD can be just as difficult as that of physically addictive drugs. As with other powerful, mind-altering drugs, LSD creates “tolerance” in users; this means that those individuals require greater doses of the drug each time in order to produce the same desired effect.1

To avoid a life in a downward spiral, break out of the addiction cycle. It IS possible. It IS available. So let’s look at how a user can get started on a path of freedom and fulfillment…in the real world…with appropriate expectations for what rehab treatment and a life in recovery looks like.

Begin by Choosing an Environment Conducive to Healing

LSD’s unique characteristics and addictive qualities necessitate a particular type of rehab and recovery. For one thing, LSD abusers do not need to begin recovery with medically-managed detoxification, since this substance does not produce physical dependence.

A center that specializes in LSD addiction treatment should be found to help ensure that the healing process is as successful and long-lasting as possible. There are many types of treatment centers available today, so it is essential that you vet all centers under consideration for quality, reputation and range of offerings. It is probably a good idea to have a well thought out set of questions to ask each facility.

Since LSD is a hallucinogen, it can often cause extreme panic in those who use it. That’s why coming off of LSD can be dangerous and frightening. As it commonly takes about 12 hours to get through an acid trip, users need a calm, quiet place to allow the effects of the drug to wear off. A quality center will offer a safe, monitored setting that will keep those working toward recovery from becoming violent or injuring themselves or others.2

Counseling Is a Vital Part of a Comprehensive Care Program

Getting clean from LSD is one thing; however, understanding and dealing with the thoughts and behaviors that compel drug use again and again is quite another matter. This is why counseling from a knowledgeable and experienced therapist is so important to successful healing and recovery. Quality counseling with a qualified therapist can help uncover the reasons behind the behavior and find ways to successfully cope with life’s challenges and practice a fulfilling, drug-free lifestyle.

When co-occurring mental disorders block the way to recovery for any one condition, this is referred to as a dual diagnosis situation. The best LSD rehab treatment centers offer services for the whole person – integrated, evidence-based services that can successfully evaluate and treat all of the conditions involved.3

Beyond LSD’s Dream-like Escape Is a World that Needs You

Life without LSD means that you are not dependent on a drug to make you feel good or help you cope with life’s difficulties. LSD gives you a temporary high – which can provide short-term escape from whatever hounds you – so learning to live life without artificial illusions of freedom or peace is a journey.

There is, indeed, hope for recovery from LSD abuse and addiction; a better life, with real people, who all have real needs, and can offer real help to each other. In addition to counseling, finding a support group is also highly beneficial to finding your way out of the cycle of addiction.

Don’t try to be a lone ranger and fight the disease of addiction all by yourself. Surround yourself with positive, drug-free people who can offer valuable advice, accountability and encouragement. Again, treatment programs that deal specifically with LSD are best suited to provide you with appropriate care and to guide you. Overcoming drug addiction is a lifetime commitment, but hope abounds and the rewards are great.4

If you or someone you love is struggling with LSD abuse, we are here to help. When you call our 24/7 toll-free line, a friendly, compassionate team member will listen to your concerns, give honest, straight-forward answers to your questions, and provide you with several positive options to choose from – options that can bring real results and a brighter future. From there you can chart your course, based on your own unique needs and personal preferences.  A new life is waiting for you. Call us today to begin the process of healing and recovery. We care…one person at a time.

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