How Does Narcissism Relate to LSD Addiction?

How Does Narcissism Relate to LSD Addiction?

Narcissism is a disorder marked by feelings of extreme self-regard and over confidence

LSD addiction and narcissism may not seem related at face value, but they could, in fact, be linked so closely that each condition directly impacts the other.

Narcissism – a disorder marked by feelings of extreme self-regard and over confidence – may draw individuals to drugs, like LSD. This pull to drug use might be due to their strong desire to heighten their powerful feelings of control or self-love, or it might be out of their feelings of invincibility; they could get a rush from engaging in very risky behavior. LSD’s delusional or hallucinogenic effects are so unpredictable that the outcome could be disastrous to someone compelled by narcissistic tendencies.

Usually establishing its roots during adolescence or early adulthood, narcissism can lead to long-standing and maladaptive patterns of perceiving and responding to other people and stressful situations.

The only healthy way to address narcissism is to get therapy from reputable, experienced specialists. If you have become addicted to LSD as a result of your narcissism, treatment is now available to you.1

Instead of Relief, LSD May Bring More Angst to Narcissists

Narcissism – technically referred to as narcissistic personality disorder – is a condition in which the patient has obsessive feelings of power, vanity and self-interest. Narcissism is a term that is often thrown around when speaking about a person who seems self-centered or obsessed with himself. However, narcissism is an actualmental disorder that can have many negative effects on a person’s life and those around him.

Narcissism and an LSD addiction can play off of each other, making matters worse than each by itself. The introduction ofLSD to a narcissist may quickly cause such person to feel that her life is even more out of control. Instead of meeting her perceived need for self-elevation, use of LSD can actually create additional challenges or obstacles to the relief she seeks in her narcissistic state. LSD may actually magnify misconceptions held by that person, causing her habitual behaviors to be even more pervasive, inflexible and problematic.2

Treatment for Co-occurring Narcissism and LSD Addiction

While traditional addiction treatment for LSD abuse may help somewhat with the drug problem, it will not address narcissism and the role it plays in that person’s life. Specialized therapy for narcissism is also needed – coincidental with drug addiction treatment – in order to be a successful, long-lasting program.

The term for treating co-existing or co-occurring conditions is “dual diagnosis.” We specialize in helping people work through all of the conditions that play off each other and contribute to even greater difficulties and disorders. Our integrated services offer patients multidisciplinary expertise and support.

May we help you understand your LSD addiction, your narcissism and any other contributing factors affecting your present health? We can help you return to your “authentic self” and live out your dreams.

When you call our 24/7 toll-free line, you will connect with a caring professional who will address your questions and concerns, offer you some positive solutions, and encourage you to take action as soon as practical in your current situation. We offer you real hope because we are qualified to address your whole self – all of you…for comprehensive treatment, restoration and healing.

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