How Important Is a Healthy Eating Plan in Treatment?

When you are in recovery,your diet may shift toward sugary snacks and fatty foods. The problem is that an unhealthy diet leads to less energy. The mindset that comes with a poor diet can be harmful to your recovery. What you eat is important to your overall health. This is amplified when you are in recovery. When healthy eating habits are in place,you will get more out of rehab. This will also set you up for success when you leave the facility.

42 Percent of Adults with Mental Illness are ObeseMany who suffer from addictions and other mental health disorders have poor nutritional habits. SAMHSA reports that more than 42% of adults with mental illnesses are obese.[1] Since poor nutrition can lead to other serious health problems, it is essential that a person going through addiction treatment knows how to maintain a healthy diet. Unhealthy foods may seem like an easy escape, but they will do more harm to your recovery than good.

Rebuilding Health After Addiction

When addiction develops, the brain changes. This interferes with an individual’s ability to make voluntary decisions. This leads to compulsive drug craving, seeking and use.[2]

This means addiction is a nightmare for your body. The direct and indirect physical and mental issues that vary depending on substance. Alcohol is notorious for causing liver damage, affecting your nutrient levels and weakening your immune system. LSD may not cause direct physical damage but side effects such as a suppressed appetite can lead to malnutrition. Whatever your addiction is, it will take a toll on your health and if you start recovery with a bad diet you are not taking the proper steps to rebuild your health. In the midst of addiction nutrition is often one area addicts cut corners on. Some drugs make you eat more, some make you eat less, and when faced with the choice between paying for nutritional food and the need for an addictive drug most people will choose the drug. Proper nutrition will make you feel better physically and mentally and will take stress off your body. Recovering from addiction means improving your overall health and nutrition is a vital aspect.

Physical Health Influences Recovery

How Important Is a Healthy Eating Plan in Treatment?

Establishing a healthy eating plan during treatment will help you get the most out of rehab

Nutrition and wellness have great impact on how you feel every day. A healthy diet and exercise will give you more energy. This energy boost can change the way you approach your days. You will notice a difference in the way you feel physically and will be able to focus more on your recovery. You can add more healthy habits to your life. When you feel better, it will be easier to stay away from bad habits such as junk food or substance abuse.

Give yourself the best chance at a full recovery by making the changes needed in your life. A healthy diet and regular exercise is not difficult to achieve. It just takes commitment. Use simple steps, such as cutting out soft drinks.

An Unhealthy Diet Mirrors Addiction

Just like drugs, unhealthy foods release dopamine when you eat them. This dopamine activates the brain’s reward system. The brain is wired to seek out more dopamine. While some people may not struggle with unhealthy eating, others may have trouble. If you live with addict’s mindset regarding food, this can be hazardous to your recovery from LSD addiction.

Holistic Treatment is Key to Recovery

Addiction affects you physically, mentally and spiritually. In order to truly overcome the disorder you must attack it on all fronts. Some addiction treatment centers only treat the physical addiction. This leaves you unprepared for sober life. Holistic addiction treatment focuses on the individual’s relationship with addiction. A personalized treatment plan is crafted to fit the user’s needs. To find out more about holistic addiction treatment and other treatment options call our toll-free helpline. Our professional counselors will be glad to answer your questions about addiction or any other questions you have.It’s time for you to get the help you need.

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