How LSD Addiction Affects Decision-Making Abilities

How LSD Addiction Affects Decision-Making AbilitiesLSD, short for lysergic acid diethylamide, is a synthetic drug that is known for its hallucinogenic properties. More commonly used in the 1960’s, LSD is still one of the most popular drugs used in the country, as people of all ages still experiment with it. This can be highly dangerous, as the side effects of LSD use are extremely serious.

  • Physical side effects of LSD use can include sweating, dry mouth, tremors, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and fever.
  • Hallucinations: Hallucinations can occur both during the time of use and after the drug has been taken. LSD promotes strong hallucinations, usually of issues, concerns, or problems that the user is currently experiencing in his or her life. This can lead to either “good trips” or “bad trips.” “Good trips” are often described as trips that are euphoric, exciting, and enticing. “Bad trips” can be when the user becomes violent, paranoid, or out of control enough to hurt themselves or someone else. Since LSD affects the brain so deeply, flashbacks of hallucinations are quite common in users who have underlying mental problems and/or unresolved personal issues. These flashbacks can occur shortly after a trip or even years from the initial consumption.
  • Delusions: Just as with hallucinations, delusional thoughts tend to develop in the brain when LSD is taken. This can deeply affect the user’s reality and what is actually happening around them. This can lead to irrational thoughts, poor decision-making, and unwarranted actions.
  • Heightened senses and emotions: LSD is famous for intensifying one’s emotions and senses. The drug can make everything around the user seem more intriguing and inviting, while their senses go into overload. This is a major aspect of the drug that keeps people using it, as it makes everything appear to be “better.”
  • Becoming addicted to LSD can be extremely easy, as it seems to be a great way to escape reality. This is not the case, however, as LSD addiction can ruin more aspects of a user’s life due to his or her inability to make appropriate decisions.
  • Reality: When using LSD, nothing is as it seems, causing the user to react to people, places, and things in an irrational manner. If the user is tripping on LSD, he or she may see, hear, or feel things that are not actually occurring, and then react to those hallucinations. This can be tremendously dangerous to both the user and those surrounding him or her, as they are not in a state of mind to see what the actuality of the situation is. This can lead to poor decision-making abilities, as they are not reacting appropriately.
  • Loss of control: The user is no longer in control if he or she is under the influence of LSD. They have placed themselves in a world filled with delusions and hallucinations, causing them to not have clear, rational thoughts about the basic foundation of their lives. They are not thinking clearly about finances, shelter, food, or relationships, and can jeopardize each one of these aspects through their inability to have control over them. This can lead a user to homelessness and poverty, as well as a life lived alone if he or she pushes friends and family away due to their drug use.
  • Nothing good can ever come from LSD use or addiction. The drug is so powerful that it can and will create a world that is non-existent, and force the user to react to situations that are potentially not occurring. The dangers of this drug are so severe that even the user may not feel like he or she needs treatment or rehabilitation for their addiction, as their minds can easily become clouded and proper judgment is lost. The best and most effective way to get help for an LSD addict is to get information and develop contacts who can help bring the user back to reality for a long enough period of time to drive home concern.

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