How Much LSD Can I Safely Take?

How Much LSD Can I Safely Take?

Abusing LSD – even one time – can usher in a host of new problems and mental health disorders

While it may seem like an entertaining diversion, recreational LSD abuse is, in the end, far from amusing. Use of LSD in any amount can be seriously dangerous to the health and well-being of the user – not to mention other people who happen to be nearby. Addiction to LSD is only one hazard that may result. The hallucinogenic effects of this grain-fungus chemical can lead a user into bizarre and dangerous activities.1

The Effects from Even One Use Can Be Devastating

Abusing LSD – even one time – can usher in a host of new problems and mental health disorders. Users quickly become tolerant to LSD (and other hallucinogens), which means that the body gets used to having it and wants more of it each time an acid trip is pursued. If continued, this behavior pattern can lead to a psychological addiction to the substance’s effect. In actuality, any amount of LSD could create an addiction.

Addictions are a downward spiral of self-destruction. They place everything held dear in jeopardy – every relationship, every responsibility…literally every area of the user’s life. Family and friends may be estranged. Job and career may be destroyed. Hopes and dreams may come crashing down. What may have seemed like a spontaneous adventure one evening can quickly turn into a nightmare that never ends. In addition, an addiction can be an expensive habit to add to your financial budget. The desire for greater amounts of LSD may result in insufficient funds for housing and other necessities, for yourself and others.2

Behavior Under LSD’s Influence Can Be Bizarre, Deadly

This impact of this psychedelic drug cannot be underestimated, nor its outcomes predicted. LSD can cause users to behave in ways that they would never ordinarily even consider, with reckless abandon. As such, the risks involved can be extreme.

LSD can cause people to hurt themselves; in some cases, even provoking them to take their own life or the lives of other innocent people. Driving a motor vehicle while on an acid trip could easily result in an accident that decimates lives, families and futures. Many other disastrous results could occur with even one LSD experience. So it’s vitally important to remember that any amount of LSD is dangerous. No amount of this powerful chemical is safe for individuals to take, regardless of who they are or the reason for using it in the first place.3

Help in Getting Off LSD Is Just a Phone Call Away

You may think it’s just a matter of self-control or getting your life together once issues get ironed out. However, addiction is not something easily eradicated on your own. It takes help from others – professionals with in-depth knowledge and proven expertise. When you call our 24/7 toll-free line, a friendly, caring team member will listen to you, address your concerns, answer your questions and provide you with various treatment options to consider.

If you or someone you care deeply about is abusing LSD, you need to take action immediately in order to avert a possibly disastrous outcome…for everyone involved. At a critical crossroads like this, it’s important to rely on a name that has been shown trustworthy. We care…one person at a time.

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