LSD Abuse Rates in Australia

LSD Abuse Rates in Australia

LSD is often written off as harmless or ignored completely. Australia is no exception

LSD abuse is a cause for concern in almost every country. Despite its prevalence, it is often written off as harmless or ignored completely. Australia is no exception; this country often forgets about LSD abuse and the problems it creates. The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC)[1] did not even include LSD in its statistical research until 2012. Serious dangers and increasing use rates brought the drug to public attention. Just a year after beginning studies on LSD abuse, NDARC found, “Over two-fifths (43%) of the national sample reported using LSD in the preceding six months, representing a significant increase from 34% in 2012.” Australia may have been ignoring LSD use, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a problem and a worsening one at that. Ignoring LSD abuse at any level, personal, community or country, does not make the problem go away. LSD abuse ends when you take action for yourself, your loved one and your family. LSD use presents serious dangers. Users and loved ones should seek professional help to begin recovery and stay sober for life.

Over two-fifths (43%) of the national sample reported using LSD in the preceding six months, representing a significant increase from 34% in 2012.

Who Abuses LSD?

Growing LSD abuse rates reveal that there can be no “typical” LSD user. The stereotypical, spaced-out hippie of the ’60s and ’70s is no longer the face of LSD use. The Brisbane Times[2] explains that studies revealed, “There had been a ‘significant increase’ in recent use of hallucinogens across the Australian population in general.” No one demographic is experiencing a spike in abuse rates; the increase is country-wide. Misconceptions about who uses and why still remain. One reason for this is that few people are open about their LSD use. According to NDARC, “LSD was mostly reported to have been obtained from friends and used in private locations such as the participants’ own homes or friend’s home.” Users aren’t scouring the streets, working with unfamiliar dealers, or approaching strangers in an attempt to find LSD. They aren’t using in public locations or around others who aren’t aware of or also participating in their LSD use. Don’t assume someone you love couldn’t possibly be an LSD user. If you suspect a loved one is using LSD, don’t wait for use to become obvious. Talk with addiction recovery professionals about the best way to assess the situation, begin a conversation with your loved one, and begin the process of recovery.

What Influences LSD Abuse Rates in Australia?

Many factors influence LSD and other drug abuse rates. One important factor to consider is availability. NDARC explains that in Australia, “Overall, LSD was reported to have remained easy or very easy to obtain and this has remained stable.” Ready availability, combined with easy access through friends, makes LSD abuse simple. LSD abuse is also relatively cheap. The Brisbane Times shares, “The price of a tab of LSD ranges from $15-$25 in Australia.” Comparatively, ABC Australia[3] reports, “Heroin in Western Australia is said to be the most expensive in the country at about $600 a gram but that hasn’t quelled the demand.” If exorbitant prices do little to change if or how much of a drug is used, the cheap price of LSD will do little to cause individuals to reflect on how much they use or the financial impact of addiction. Addiction will cause individuals to go to extreme lengths to get their drug of choice. When such measures aren’t necessary, individuals are often able to use more of the drug, use it more often and to maintain secrecy around use for longer. This means fewer long-term consequences such as financial crises and legal troubles. This is good in one way, but fewer obvious, external consequences may allow drug use to continue for longer. Individuals can ignore or minimize the effect the drug has on their lives. At the same time, personal, social and health consequences will continue to accrue. Individuals will also remain at risk for serious accident or injury.

Do I Need LSD Abuse Treatment?

If you are concerned about your LSD use but are unsure whether you need treatment or what treatment is most appropriate, call our toll-free helpline. If you are concerned about a loved one, reach out. We provide free initial assessments, connect you to the best treatment resources and stay with you through every step of recovery from intake to aftercare. Feel free to contact us with any questions. All calls are free and confidential. We are here for you 24 hours a day, no matter what part of the world you are from.

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