LSD Addiction in the Middle East

LSD Addiction in the Middle East

In the recent past, addiction was not considered a major problem in the Middle East, a small grouping of countries in the continent of Asia. The conservative religious and political restrictions placed upon residents of Middle Eastern countries has often discouraged use of drugs. However, recent stressful and tumultuous events in these countries have brought about a radical change in the use of drugs, especially by the younger generations. This has led to the proliferation of illegal drugs.

One drug that has been abused is LSD (d-lysergic acid diethylamide). According to Al-Monitor, the Iraqi Minister of the Interior issued a statement in the latter part of 2012 discussing the nationwide problem of hallucinogenic drugs (which include LSD), stating that the drugs can cause users to commit crimes. This is in reference to LSD’s mind-altering effects that cause users to hear and see things that aren’t real. LSD users often make poor decisions because of their mental state.

Why Do Residents of the Middle East Use LSD?

Countries in the Middle East—such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt—have experienced dramatic changes in the political, social, and religious landscape in recent years, making drug addiction an alarming problem in modern-day Middle Eastern countries. In fact, according to the website World Expectancy, Afghanistan was ranked first in the world for deaths by drug use. Yemen ranked third in the world.

Many of these countries are involved in wars with other countries, and their citizens suffer the consequences. For example, according to a 2013 article from The Economist, in the country of Iran, the youth unemployment rate is roughly 28% and the inflation rate is over 40%, both of which have been impacted by American and European sanctions. This has created a great deal of unrest among young people, who then may turn to drugs to cope with their uncertain future.

Children and teens in Iraq report that they use drugs to cope with the violence that they have experienced. According to a 2013 article released by Al-Monitor, taking mind-altering substances like LSD allows them to forget about the loss of their loved ones, the frequent bombings, and the disintegration of their families because of the wars that plague the country.

What complicates the addiction problem is the stigma associated with addiction. In such a conservative political and religious climate, many people struggle between concern for their loved ones and their family’s reputation, which is of great importance in that region. More treatment centers have been created recently to address the rapidly growing problem and to change public opinion about addiction to drugs like LSD. Getting professional treatment for drug addiction is especially important for drugs like LSD because the withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and flashbacks are common.

Getting Help For Addiction

If you or someone you love is addicted to LSD, we can help. You can call our toll-free helpline anytime, 24 hours a day to talk with an addiction recovery professional about your unique situation, and together, you can determine the best options. We can even help you locate treatment centers that offer specialized treatment in LSD addiction or are tailored to individuals from Middle Eastern cultures. Don’t allow addiction to destroy your future. Call us today and start on the road to recovery.