LSD Addiction Treatment Help

LSD addiction treatment help

LSD psychological addiction treatment requires the help of trained psychologists and counselors to overcome

LSD is a drug that is chemically synthesized from the fungus, ergot, which is found on common grains like rye. LSD is classified as a hallucinogen because it produces strong distortions of reality for users, depending on the amount taken.[i] Users generally ingest LSD although it can be taken in other forms. Most commonly, users ingest it from small pieces of paper with colorful designs on them soaked in the drug, called blotter paper.

When a user is high on LSD, commonly called being on a trip, the risk of danger is particularly high. LSD trips are unpredictable in many ways. Because LSD causes users to experience life outside of reality, there is no determining what their false reality may entail. Oftentimes, the greater the amount of LSD a user ingest, the greater the likelihood of his resulting high being a bad trip. Many users report terrifying hallucinations in which their greatest fears seem very real and pose life-altering threats. Also while under the influence of LSD, users report a confusion of senses in which they may hear light or see a smell. All of these unpredictable effects of an LSD trip can lead to users acting in ways very different than their normal personalities and behaving in dangerous or violent ways.[ii]

LSD is a hypnotic drug that is not physically addictive but has a strong psychological addiction potential. Because of this, LSD addiction requires different treatment than typical treatments for other drug and alcohol addictions. LSD is banned in most countries and use puts both users and those around them in harm’s way.

Psychological Effects of LSD

Psychological addiction is often viewed as less serious than physical addiction, yet it can be much harder to recover from and is just as dangerous. When a person’s mind becomes accustomed to the feelings they get from LSD, they want to continue to experience those feelings. They will still participate in drug-seeking behavior and will experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop LSD use. Physical addiction is easier to see and identify than psychological addiction, making the latter harder to spot and treat. LSD psychological addiction treatment requires the help of trained psychologists and counselors to overcome. These professionals can explore causes of and contributors to LSD addiction and can find the triggers that make an individual use.

LSD Treatment Options

There are many treatment options available for individuals who want help battling LSD addiction. Recovering users should research different treatment options and find the one that best suits their needs. As LSD has no physically addictive properties, an individual needs to select a program that offers good counseling and therapy options. They should make sure that their program is staffed by individuals who recognize the dangers of LSD and are well-trained in all aspects of the drug and how to treat it.

LSD Addiction Treatment Help

If you are abusing LSD and want to stop, make the right choice, and take the first step. Call our toll-free helpline, and learn more about LSD and treatment options. We have trained counselors available 24 hours a day who would love to talk to you and help you begin on the path to recovery. We can even check your insurance coverage to see what financial assistance may be available to you. Call now!


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