LSD Detox Time

LSD detox time

The detox period for LSD is very different than with other drugs

LSD is a hallucinogen that was first developed as a form of experimental psychiatric treatment. LSD produces mental effects that vary greatly in intensity.The reason the effects vary is because the drug directly interacts with the user’s mind. The predisposition of the user and the power of the drug dose both play a key role in the type of hallucinations experienced.

LSD is rumored to have supposed “unlocking” powers, LSD found favor among members of the counter-culture in the 1960s. LSD advocates stated that LSD enhances creativity. The drug opens up users to other dimensions and can enhance the user to a new level of spirituality. Evidence states that LSD does not do anything but play serious tricks on the mind. For some users, the results of which can be terrifying and can even lead people to do dangerous things. LSD has proven to be a powerful escape for individuals who want to avoid the perceived drudgery of normal life.

A Different Kind of Addiction

LSD does not lead to physical drug “cravings” as other drugs such as heroin, cocaine or meth. There is no evidence that acid replaces natural chemicals in the brain that lead to dependency or addiction. Because of this, the detox period for LSD is very different than with other drugs. An LSD user will not experience any physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking LSD. The struggle will be more in their mind than in their physiology. The hallucinatory experience brought on by acid can create a strong psychological addiction.

It is common for an LSD addict to become more interested in their “trips” than in real life. LSD use creates a natural tolerance to the drug. This means users may require a higher dose of the drug to achieve the desired effect. Because LSD is highly unpredictable, this can be very dangerous. This means users require a significantly stronger dose for the same effect in as little as one day after use. LSD is a very strong drug. It is measured in very small amounts such as a millionth of a gram – or microgram.

Some LSD users have endured long-term or even permanent alterations to their normal psychological health. In some cases, there have been long-term health issues such as psychosis or HPPD after first-time LSD use. Although the occurrence of either is rare, it is also unpredictable and may happen more often than previously thought, and sometimes both conditions occur together.[1]

LSD users feel that they can do super-human things. Many users will experience terrifying alterations of perception, leading to panic, anxiety and self-destructive or even fatal behavior. Trips may last from a couple to upwards of twelve hours, with some effects lingering much longer than that.

Finding the Right LSD Treatment Center

If you would like to live a life free from mind-altering substances, know help is available. There are many options for help, from residential treatment centers to outpatient facilities. Support groups are available as well. Call now to get the information you need. Our professionally trained counselors are available to talk right now and there is no commitment on your part. You can get sober and move past a life of substance abuse. Take the first step forward today.

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