Rediscovering Life without LSD

Rediscovering Life without LSD

Getting clean from LSD is well worth the challenge

While LSD is technically non-addictive in a physical sense, it can be highly addictive psychologically. A person addicted to LSD is likely to experience emotional distress, suffer broken relationships and struggle to maintain employment, motivation and purpose in life. It can be hard for someone who is used to tripping regularly to recall what life was like without LSD. A drug-free life is still possible – no matter what stage of drug abuse or addiction you find yourself dealing with. It is well worth rediscovering.1

LSD Distorts What You See…and What You Want

The primary effect of LSD use is an extended false reality. Gentler “trips” cause the user to see things around them in altered states. However, some acid trips can be more like intensely vivid dreams that seem completely real; oftentimes they can be horrifying. There are many reports of people jumping from windows or rooftops with the delusion that they can actually fly. Other trippers have committed suicide during very intense panic attacks.

Tripping can be a powerful escape from the drudgery or stress of life. Unless the user slips into psychosis (a permanent dream-like state), the trip will end and the user will once again be faced with reality.Taking LSD to seek escape only, in fact, compounds the problem. Now there’s addiction on top of those other dilemmas. Life becomes even harder.

It is also common for people with substance use disorders to neglect the most important responsibilities and relationships in their life – oftentimes trading friends and family for drug buddies and dealers. In a downward spiral, the resulting loneliness can drive people back to the very drugs that made life worse.

Additionally, many LSD addicts become users of other drugs, such as marijuana and alcohol; such polydrug activity can further threaten their life – and the lives of others – through abandonment of prudent precautions as they get caught up in a cycle of self-destruction due to their altered brain.2

Get Off LSD…and Get a Grip on What’s Real, Meaningful

Getting clean from LSD is well worth the challenge. People struggling with a substance use disorder need to get clean of all harmful chemicals in order to allow their brain time to heal, rewire and regain its normal functions and perceive reality. As part of a comprehensive drug rehab program, they relearn how to act, how to avoid “triggers” to drug use, and how to handle the pressures of life without checking out.

Quality treatment centers are also equipped to diagnose any co-occurring or underlying psychological conditions that may be contributing to the desire for drugs.Some people use LSD and/or other drugs to self-medicate anxiety disorders or other mental conditions. The most successful programs understand the many aspects of addiction and the uniqueness of each patient. They develop individualized treatment plans that include counseling, education, group support and other essential activities intended to reinforce a happy and meaningful life without drug dependence. When experienced in a peaceful and positive environment, patients “time out” to enjoy some much needed rest and reflection before resuming life’s duties and restructuring their life dreams.1

Grab a Lifeline at a Highly Regarded LSD Rehab Center

LSD and other hallucinogens alter users’ perceptions, thoughts and feelings. They create images and sensations that seem like reality, but they lie. When your mind is altered by drugs, what is true is hard to distinguish and what used to be important becomes a blurry memory. If you or someone you love is in the grip of hallucinogens, seek help from a reputable LSD rehab center immediately.3

Our integrated, evidence-based approach to drug addiction treatment has been highly acclaimed by more than ten federally funded studies. LSD addiction is not a little issue; it’s important and can lead to rather devastating results – even after just one use.

Even if LSD is part of your history, it doesn’t have to dictate your future. When you call us on our 24/7 toll-free line, one of our experienced team members will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and offer some positive, personalized options for you to choose from. Then, with the facts and possibilities clearly laid out for you, you can decide what fits your personal needs and preferences.

Get back in the game; a hope-filled, meaningful life awaits you. Stop escaping it and start enjoying it. We can show you how. It’s what we do, and we are very good at it. Because we care…one person at a time.

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