Self-Image and Recovery

Self-Image and Recovery

A low self-image can lead to drug abuse and addiction

Low self-image can be the reason a person starts using LSD. Florida State University[1] explains, “Low self-esteem is kind of the spark plug for self-destructive behaviors, and drug use is one of these…It’s a fundamental need to have a good sense of self. Without it, people may become pathologically unhappy with themselves, and that can lead to some very serious problems.” If you have poor self-image and turn to drug abuse to numb the pain, you will only make your problems worse. Substance abuse contributes to self-image issues. It does nothing to fix these problems. Recovery does. Substance abuse treatment programs improve self-image, self-efficacy and sense of identity as they help you overcome addiction. Learning how to cope with low self-esteem will make you more confident in yourself. A confident recovery is a lasting, rewarding recovery.

Substance abuse contributes to self-image issues. It does nothing to fix these problems. Recovery does.

LSD and Self-Image

Self-image is often overlooked as a cause of addiction. Having a negative opinion of yourself can eat away at you. Psychology Today[2] explains, “Low self-esteem can result in feeling stuck, having little or no motivation or energy. Everything becomes drudgery and hence the potential for destructive behavior and escaping to a world where judgment is non-existent becomes a very powerful hook.” Low self-esteem leads to addiction. Addiction in turns leads to low self-esteem. Consider the relationship between mindset and substance use rather than contribute to the cycle of low self-image and addiction. Finding support and addressing underlying causes means real solutions.

Drug use means temporary relief resulting in worsening problems. Using LSD makes things seem better while you are high. When you come back to reality, your self-worth will be lower than ever. After using LSD, you will still feel guilty, alone and lacking in self-worth. A bad trip can complicate problems even further. You cannot improve your self-image until you quit using LSD. Turning to LSD while you are in pain will only lead to more trouble. You can take steps to make life better. Get help and support. Start working through your issues to improve your life.

Improving Your Self-Image

You can take steps to improve your self-image and quality of life. Addiction and low self-image fuel one another. Recovery and positive self-image have a similar, but beneficial, relationship. Substance abuse treatment will inherently include strategies for improving how you see yourself and your life. Improving your self-image makes it easier for you to find and maintain recovery. Addiction & Health[3] shares, “The features of high self-esteem are those in which someone believes he/she is important and the world would even be better because he/she lives in it, believes in himself with confidence, can ask for help, and trust his decisions.” Addiction recovery is an individual effort, but it relies on the help and support of others. When you reach out during challenging times, you take action to support your health and sobriety. When you trust your decisions, you make the decisions that are best for you rather than rely on the often negative or inappropriate influence of others. Negative thoughts about yourself can quickly lead to relapse. Improving how you feel about yourself leads to positive effects in all areas of your life. You will become more confident at work, have an easier time building relationships and enjoy more control over your own behavior.

Therapy rebuilds your self-image. Therapists help you determine areas that contribute to addiction or challenge recovery. They guide you on how to change your negative thought patterns and behaviors. Unhealthy behaviors such as substance use are often causes of low self-image. Changing the behavior is the first step to solving the problem. A therapist will teach you strategies to cope with stress and other triggers that lead to unhealthy habits.

Getting on the Road to Positive Self-Image and Recovery

Find health and positive self-image begins with asking for and accepting help. Call our toll-free helpline to learn about resources for addiction recovery and mental health. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find care covered by your insurance or that meets your budget. If you have any questions about LSD, addiction and self-image, give us a call today.

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