Staying Sober while on Vacation

Inpatient and outpatient rehab focus on ways to combat temptations to abuse a user’s former drug of choice. An unanticipated struggle may arise when a recovering addict receives his first opportunity since the addiction to go on vacation. While away, a recovering LSD addict may be tempted to relapse, but if he prepares for this trip then he can safeguard his recovery and avoid using even while away from his safe haven.

How Vacation Challenges LSD Addiction Recovery

Staying Sober while on Vacation

A vacation can mentally weaken a recovering LSD addict without her realizing it

A vacation can mentally weaken a recovering LSD addict without her realizing it. Knowing the ways this works can help a recovering addict prepare for her first vacation since entering recovery. She does not have to stay home for fear of relapse, but can face the world and also make sure that she does not use drugs again. To make sure she stays clean, a recovering LSD addict should anticipate the following dangers on vacation:

  • Unfamiliarity with the location – This keeps recovering addicts from knowing specific places they should avoid if the former substance of choice is likely to be found there.
  • Relaxed vigilance in monitoring cravings and avoiding triggers – Since vacation is supposed to be a break from all of the stressors of daily life, recovering addicts may be more lenient about what they attend and allow.
  • Alcohol offered in accommodations
  • Disrupted normal schedule may slacken discipline in other areas
  • Infrequent communication with family members and other accountability partners who are absent
  • Increased outflow of money lowers the barrier that ordinary budgeting might put on buying addictive substances

Other recommendations include knowing what local addiction recovery resources are available locally while traveling and continuing to practice excellent self care while on vacation.[i] Often when people travel, they lack the discipline normally modeled in day-to-day life at home. When discipline is weak in one area of life, relapse from addiction recovery is more likely to follow. Preparing for these challenges does not eliminate the possibility of relapse, but knowing what to watch out for can help a recovering addict vacation with confidence.

Ways to Prepare for a Sober Vacation

Once recovering LSD addicts know how vacation can threaten recovery, they can also take the following preparations to minimize the chances of relapse:

  • Research the area and plan activities in advance – This will help addicts know what establishments to avoid and how much time they can spend at each place they want to see.
  • If addicts have travel companions, ensure that at least one of them will be completely sober so that they always have accountability partners.
  • Check in frequently with recovery professionals and accountability partners back home.

Outpatient therapists and other recovering addicts can offer experiential advice, so it would be wise to consult them before the trip takes place. Because LSD is known as a party drugs that produces psychedelic highs, former users may be particularly tempted to use again while on vacation living a more carefree life. However, the dangerous effects of using LSD may only be amplified while traveling because while high on LSD, users often act in dangerous ways unaffected by normal inhibitions.[ii]

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