The Importance of Holding an Intervention for LSD Use

The Importance of Holding an Intervention for LSD Use

An intervention is the opportunity to get loved ones together to talk about their concerns and fears with the user’s LSD use

Watching a loved one experience any kind of addiction can be extremely scary and upsetting. When LSD is involved, the addiction can begin to weigh heavily not only on the user but on those around them as well. It is the specific side effects and symptoms of LSD addiction that make an intervention especially necessary.

How LSD Affects a User

LSD is a hallucinogenic drug that causes psychedelic trips. It is made synthetically from a fungus that grows on common grains, such as rye. Users primarily ingest LSD orally—often from small white pieces of colorfully decorated paper, called blotter paper—but it can be administered in other ways as well.[i]

The effects that LSD has on a user and those around him or her make an intervention crucial. LSD use causes an imbalance of emotions and behaviors and the detachment from reality posing serious problems that need to be addressed immediately. One of the most common side effects of LSD use is the presence of hallucinations, both positive and negative. These hallucinations can cause a user to feel like things are happening that are not, leaving them unable to distinguish reality from their trips. This can become increasingly frustrating for the user and those around them as reality is never communicated properly. Sometimes, users experience terrifying trips in which their worst fears seem very real. Because of this, when people are using LSD, they are increasingly likely to have behavioral problems that can affect everyone including themselves because they are acting based on their irrational fears.[ii] This kind of behavior can put users at serious risk for both physical and mental harm.

Why an Intervention for LSD Is Important

When a person has a substance abuse problem, it is extremely important that they get help as soon as possible to salvage what is left of their social, personal and professional lives. Without an intervention, a person could face serious consequences including the potential for death.

An intervention is the opportunity to get loved ones together to talk about their concerns and fears with the user’s LSD use. Interventions provide a place to discuss the issue of drug abuse in the user’s life and how his using drugs is affecting interpersonal relationships and life in general. This can either backfire or work extremely well depending on each individual user and their loved ones commitment to the intervention. Interventions always have the goal to getting a drug user to seek treatment immediately. With the help of a specialist to guide the intervention, LSD users can quickly find the right kind of treatment to kick their addiction once and for all.

Do You Need Help With LSD Addiction?

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug abuse to drugs like LSD, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today to get the help you or your loved one needs. We want to help connect you with the best drugs abuse treatment resources available to give you be the best chance at attaining a life of sobriety and health. The call is completely confidential with no obligation. We can even check your insurance coverage to see what type of financial help may be available to you in your recover journey. Do not wait any longer. Call us today.

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