The Importance of Liking Yourself

The Importance of Liking Yourself

Accepting yourself will make it easier for you to avoid LSD abuse and to live a sober life

People abuse drugs for all sorts of reasons, but quite often a major contributing factor is poor self-esteem. The way you perceive yourself will usually drive your behavior, so a negative perception of yourself can be self-destructive; it may cause you to consider abusing LSD and/or some other drug as a way to self-medicate the emotional pain and self-directed disappointment.

If you think self-medicating yourself will help make your life better or more bearable, that’s a lie. If drug abuse continues, you will soon notice that nothing is actually improving; you are just temporarily ignoring your concerns. While LSD may help you forget about your problems for a short while, being truly happy involves learning to accept – yes, even love – yourself.1

Can LSD Help You Find Peace with Yourself…and Everything Else?

LSD changes the way the brain makes connections, so many users claim the drug clarifies their thinking and increases their creativity; such claims have not been scientifically substantiated in any way. One reason people claim to use psychedelic drugs, like LSD, is because they are “searching for something”.

If you have questions about life or yourself that are unanswered, please know that those answers are not waiting for you inside a pill, a sugar cube, a capsule, some gelatin or even blotter paper. If you are facing some tough issues in life and need help, then you may need to consider getting therapy from a specialist who can talk out those issues with you. A reputable, experienced therapist can assist you in getting to the bottom of why you feel the way you do and help you to find proper perspective and personal peace. A counselor can also explain to you why abusing LSD or other drugs will only leave you more confused and frustrated.2

Negative Self-Image Is a Roadblock to Achieving Your Dreams

The foundation for your self-image was formed early in life, mostly through the eyes of those who raised you. If low self-esteem has been the result of your upbringing, you likely see yourself as deficient in one or more ways relative to the rest of the world. You feel stuck. Your energy level is low. Everything is drudgery. You simply want to escape to a place that is nonjudgmental and affirming. As a result, the potential for steering toward some type of destructive behavior is high.

Lack of self-confidence is different than low self-esteem. You might not have much confidence in your demonstrated ability to run a marathon or paint a landscape…but that’s okay. Not everyone can. However, low self-esteem centers around the emotional and psychological belief that you will fail, be ridiculed or scorned…no matter what the outcome; therefore, why even try?3

Who You Turn to for Improving Your Self-Esteem Makes a Difference

Whether a poor self-image causes you to turn to LSD or not, living with self-esteem issues adds an unnecessary burden to your life. If such negative thoughts and self-talk are weighing you down, a positive thing you can do for yourself is to speak with a trained therapist about your personal view of self and the world. Therapists can give you some perspective regarding your thoughts; then you will know if what you are going through is normal. If an evaluation indicates a mental health condition, such as depression or bipolar disorder, then necessary steps toward healing will be presented. Living with a negative self-image creates more than the normal amount of stress; therapy can improve the way you feel about yourself.

Can LSD facilitate a better perspective? No, and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that LSD is not addictive. Even if you don’t experience symptoms of a physical addiction, the psychological addiction (or mental/emotional pull) to this drug can be just as difficult to kick.4

If you are abusing LSD in order to get back at yourself or forget who you are, call us for some needed guidance and encouragement. Our toll-free line is always open to you, so give us a call soon. We can help you find your way to a positive, healthy life – full of hope and possibilities. Countless patients and more than ten independent studies say we are a solid solution to overcoming addiction and other mental health issues. We care…one person at a time.

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