Using LSD for Pain Management

Using LSD for Pain Management

LSD is not shown to treat chronic pain or acute pain

When people suffer from severe pain, many will turn to anything in order to get relief. Some people even abuse LSD to relieve pain, or combine LSD with a number of other efforts to relieve pain. Unfortunately, LSD can lead to some serious side effects, and is often not worth the consequences.

When mixed with opioid painkillers or other drugs, LSD can have an increased and more dangerous effect. In the United States, LSD is illegal in every state, which makes the possession and use of LSD very risky. Furthermore, LSD is not shown to treat chronic pain or acute pain. There are ways to overcome LSD dependence and find pain treatment methods that are safer, more sustainable, and more effective.

LSD Addiction Treatment

LSD is not a physically addictive drug. It can be emotionally and mentally addictive. Often, LSD dependence occurs alongside other substance use disorders or addictive behaviors. Like with most other drugs, there are multiple treatment methods available for those who struggle with LSD use.

If you want to stop the cycle of LSD use, look for a treatment center with a quality staff and credentials, and one that has a detox program followed by a comprehensive treatment regimen. Quality addiction treatment should focus on each individual client, and take note of any addiction history and why he or she began using LSD. If chronic pain has been part of the problem, then finding pain management solutions should be part of the solution. A quality treatment program that offers medical supervision and a licensed medical staff can also help with pain management issues along with substance use concerns.

After substance use and pain management treatment, be sure to find continued treatment options in your area so that you safeguard against relapse. Continued involvement in treatment programs has been proven to help all individuals maintain long-term sobriety.

Alternatives to Pain Management with LSD

Living with chronic pain is a daily struggle. You have every right to seek a pain-free life, and there are safe ways to reach that goal. New technology and treatment methods are developed every year. Even if pain management was difficult in the past, new treatments and approaches to healing are being discovered every day.

If your pain management medication isn’t helping you find relief for ongoing pain issues, there are other options you should pursue instead of LSD. In some cases, it may be very worthwhile to travel or seek a specialist who concentrates on your area of need. Integrated addiction recovery treatment programs may offer assistance in pain management, or have an extensive referral base to help you find a medically-based treatment method that works for you.

How to Quit LSD

If you are ready to quit using LSD, we want to do anything we can to help you. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to offer resources, support, and information. We will talk to you about effective addiction recovery treatment centers, and paths to pain management without the risk of substance dependence. We can even help you find a treatment program that is covered under your insurance provider. There has never been a better time to quit LSD than now; let us help.