What Does it Mean to Have a Dual Diagnosis?

What Does it Mean to Have a Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis means treating both addiction and a mental disorder at the same time

LSD addiction is an overwhelming disorder that will cause problems throughout your life as long as it is untreated. With treatment you can learn to manage your LSD addiction, but, if you suffer from another mental disorder along with LSD addiction, then treating your disorder can become more complicated. It is possible to treat both addiction and a mental disorder at the same time, but to do so you may need Dual Diagnosis treatment to understand how both of your problems are connected.

What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

LSD addiction and a mental disorder (such as depression or bipolar disorder) may seem like completely separate issues, but, if you suffer from both problems, then your disorders may be connected and difficult to treat independently. Your disorders likely did not develop at the same time, but, if you abuse LSD and also suffer from a mental disorder, then the two disorders will form a relationship in time. You may abuse LSD to escape the symptoms of your mental disorder, but, when the drug wears off, then your symptoms will come back and often become more severe. When symptoms return, then many users turn back to the drug to ignore their mental disorder for a while longer. As you continue this pattern, you can quickly develop an addiction that is fueled by your mental disorder, which causes you to come back for more at the return of your symptoms.

Treating LSD Addiction and a Mental Disorder at the Same Time

Attending LSD addiction treatment is a positive step, but, if you suffer from addiction and a mental disorder, then you may be better off seeking specialized treatment. Dual Diagnosis treatment can treat both your addiction and mental disorder at the same time. Furthermore, it will teach you about the connection between your addiction and mental disorder while it helps you understand how to overcome both problems simultaneously. Once you understand how your disorders are related, then you can begin to piece together the root cause of your problems, and then you can work on methods to avoid relapse while you manage your mental disorder.

Begin Dual Diagnosis Treatment for LSD Addiction

Until you receive treatment for your LSD addiction and mental disorder, then your symptoms and addiction will continue to get worse. Call our toll-free helpline today to speak with an admissions coordinator about how such treatment can address your problems. Our staff is available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to help you find an effective treatment center that manages both your disorders at once.