What to Do When Your Drug Use Becomes Too Much

When drug use has become too much figuring out what to do can be confusing and frightening. Even if you know you have a problem it is difficult to admit you need help. You may not be sure your habit is bad enough to require treatment but if you feel like your abuse is too much there is a good chance you are addicted.

When is LSD Abuse a Problem?

What to Do When Your Drug Use Becomes Too Much

After some time drug use begins to cause problems in your life and may require treatment

Your LSD abuse may not be a problem at first when you are using it at parties or on the weekends, but as frequency of use increases it can interfere with your life. When using LSD starts to disrupt your daily life it is a sign that you need to stop using the drug. If you continue to use LSD despite it affecting your work, relationships and the way you feel when you are sober, you may be addicted.[1] Here are a few other ways to tell if your LSD use has developed into addiction:

  • Can you live without LSD?
    • Does the thought of a long trip or extended period of time without using acid makes you anxious? Do you find ways to make sure you are never without access? The level of panic or emptiness you feel when you consider not using LSD is indicative of how important it has become to you. If quitting seems like a big deal it is a good time to consider quitting.
  • How Much Do You Use?
    • One sign your abuse has become a bigger problem is when you find yourself spending more money feeding your habit every month. Using a few times a month may be affordable but when you have to stay high all day it takes more acid and more money. Track how much you use and how much you spend on LSD for a month. If you have not been paying attention you may be surprised at how much it is costing you.
  • Do You Break Promises Because of LSD?
    • Addiction causes users to break promises, both to people in their lives and to themselves. Do you skip family functions or work to get high or because you are hungover? Drug abuse causes you to neglect even the people that are closest to you. You break promises to yourself when you make plans to improve your life but fail to follow through due to your habit.

What to Do When You Are Addicted

If you display some of the warning signs of addiction and cannot control your LSD abuse you might be addicted. Addiction changes the brain and weakens your self-control. These brain changes are part of the reason professional treatment is recommended for addiction recovery. The first step in recovery is to ask for help. There are a number of ways to find addiction treatment, whether you visit your doctor for a referral, call a helpline or contact an addiction specialist.

Getting help for addiction is courageous, and although a lot of work lies ahead in recovery beginning treatment is often the most difficult step.[2] Discuss your addiction and treatment plans with your family so they can help coordinate your rehab and support you during recovery. Look for a rehab program that tailors treatment to fit each patient’s addiction, and other factors such as co-occurring mental or physical health issues.

Get Help Now, Not Later

You know you have a problem with LSD abuse but it is easy to find reasons to delay treatment. Putting off addiction treatment is a costly mistake thousands of users make every year. The longer you wait to address your addiction the stronger it becomes, making it harder to quit when you eventually decide to get help. Your drug use will continue to increase if you do not receive addiction treatment, costing you money and interfering with your life plans. Every day spent without seeking treatment is another day wasted on addiction when you could be working toward recovery. Get signed up for addiction treatment now while you feel the urge so you do not put it off.

New Beginnings in Recovery

Addiction treatment offers you the opportunity to rebuild your life free of substance abuse and addiction.[3] If you are interested in learning more about addiction treatment call our toll-free helpline today to speak with an addiction specialist. Our specialists can tell you more about the top approaches to addiction treatment and refer you to a rehab facility where you can sign up for inpatient treatment. Your health insurance may pay for part of treatment so ask about your policy when you call. We are standing by 24 hours a day in case you are ready to start treatment, why not give us a call now?


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