What’s the Average Length of Stay in LSD Addiction Treatment?

What's the Average Length of Stay in LSD Addiction Treatment?

The average duration of recovery therapy is one month

LSD is a highly addictive drug because of the euphoria it produces. It is made from ergot, a fungus found on grains, like rye.[i] The effects of LSD are very potent and take effect within the first hour of taking the drug and last for several hours afterward. The time while on the drug is called a trip. When people experience a LSD bad trip or take too much of the drug, they are in immediate danger. Users must understand that they need medical treatment as soon as possible to minimize their chance of permanent brain damage.

Effects of LSD Addiction

Few people turn to LSD for their first instance of drug abuse. People often push other, less potent drugs to the limit before turning to something as strong as LSD. However, once someone takes this substance, the following consequences are likely to result:

  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Hallucinations
  • Sensory confusion
  • Unpredictable behavior
  • Flashbacks of previous trips
  • Depression[ii]

The effects of LSD use can be devastating even with only one use. However, they are more likely to damage a user’s mental than his physical health. These effects often appear unpredictably and can lead addicts to suicide or other dangerous behavior. Inpatient treatment is the only sure way a user can learn to cope with the consequences of LSD abuse.

LSD Detox and Recovery Treatment

Detox for LSD is best conducted in a professional inpatient facility as withdrawal symptoms bring on erratic behavior and mental confusion quite quickly. Under 24-hour medical supervision, patients can avoid harming both themselves and others until their symptoms become more manageable. They can also take some calming medications that help them view life more realistically than while under LSD’s influence. Furthermore, they will start a diet and exercise regimen that improves physical and mental health. Patients have a better chance at a quick recovery if they seek these kinds of professional treatment.

Recovery treatment includes many aspects. Patients can attend group therapy sessions with other recovering LSD users as well as private counseling sessions to learn how to cope with emotional turmoil. In counseling they learn other techniques to help them set and meet attainable goals. The average duration of this kind of therapy is one month, which is probably the minimum amount of time to spend in recovery. Patients generally need more time in rehab because drug abuse is almost always brought on by deeper, more painful issues, so extended periods of time should be allocated to discover and treat these issues. A one-month program has time to do little more than detox the patient and point him toward freedom, but a 60-day program has more time to build a strong foundation for recovery. However, a 90-day program is most often recommended for more lasting results.

Help Breaking LSD Addiction

If you need help choosing the right program for yourself or your loved one or if you would simply like more information about addiction treatment and recovery, please call our toll-free helpline now. We are available 24 hours a day and would love to answer your questions. Our counselors are always ready to help, and we can even check your insurance coverage to help you know what benefits you are available to help with your recovery journey. We want to help you, so please call us today.

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