Why LSD Detox Is Not Enough

Why LSD detox is not enoughThe effects of LSD are unpredictable and can lead to a psychological addiction that is a much deeper than a surface addiction. Detox only addresses the physical aspects of addiction and will not provide psychological healing. If the psychological aspects of LSD addiction are ignored, recovering users are likely to relapse.

Mental Illness and LSD Use

LSD use is associated with mental health issues such as the following:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Chronic depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychosis

After stopping LSD use and receiving treatment the symptoms of these mental disorders ease or in some cases disappear completely. For most LSD users with these disorders, detox alone will not have any effect on symptoms. Professional recovery help is needed to overcome co-occurring LSD addiction and mental health issues. Dual Diagnosis is an effective form of treatment that will address both the surface addiction to LSD and the underlying mental illnesses that make overcoming addiction even more difficult. Medical professionals and therapists will make sure equal emphasis is placed on physical and mental health.

Dealing with Personality and Social Changes Related to LSD Use

Every addiction can create crippling alterations in a user’s personality, but LSD can create more severe changes than most. People who have used LSD to the point that their behavior seems permanently damaged are sometimes called “acid casualties.” Even if addiction has changed you, you can find recovery and healing. There are programs that involve friends and family, so they can understand the difficult situation you are in and how best to support you. Getting help from your loved ones can create a positive impact. Isolation is a problem that may arise from LSD addiction, as users devote more time to finding and using the drug than they do to maintaining relationships. Getting out of the habit of socializing and losing interest in group activities can cause problems after detox. Rehab will address these issues and help recovering users connect with others through group therapy and support groups.

Flashbacks to LSD Use

Weeks or even months after the last dose, LSD can cause experiences known as flashbacks. These flashbacks can be a product of chronic use, a “bad trip” or even one-time use. Going through addiction treatment programs especially designed for LSD recovery will teach you how to calmly deal with LSD flashbacks if they occur. Keeping in touch with others through aftercare programs can also help when dealing with flashbacks.

Do You Need LSD Addiction Help?

If you or someone you know is suffering from LSD abuse or addiction, please call us today. All it takes is one toll-free phone call to get the information or help you need. We are here to help 24 hours a day and can talk with you about your concerns, help you find the best treatment for you and even verify insurance benefits for your recovery program of choice. Don’t let LSD control your life. Call now.