Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get LSD Abuse Help

Why you shouldn't wait to get LSD abuse help

Waiting to get help is riskier to your career than taking immediate action

You can get LSD abuse help, and you can get it today. Addiction loves to provide reasons for delay. Reflection and information reveals these to be flimsy excuses. Tear down the barriers between yourself and recovery. Don’t wait to get LSD abuse help.

Don’t Wait: Immediate Action Saves Your Career

You may be postponing LSD abuse help because you are worried about keeping your job. However waiting to get help is riskier to your career than taking immediate action. The Society for Human Resource Management[1] explains, “Persons addicted to drugs, but who are no longer using drugs illegally and are receiving treatment for drug addiction or who have been rehabilitated successfully, are protected by the ADA from discrimination on the basis of past drug addiction. However, a drug test that shows the employee is using an illicit substance qualifies as ‘illegal drug use’ and bars him or her from ADA protections.” If you have completed a treatment program and are no longer using drugs, you cannot be discriminated against. Your addiction cannot be the reason you are fired or passed over for promotion. Your addiction cannot be the reason for an uncomfortable or hostile work environment. When you get LSD abuse help, you protect your job. If you wait to get help, you can lose it.

Don’t Wait: Immediate Action Protects Your Privacy

You may be delaying addiction treatment because of concerns about privacy. The unfortunate and inaccurate stigmas attached to addiction make keeping it a secret a priority for many. This is why information related to addiction treatment is protected by 42 Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”) Part 2. The American Society of Addiction Medicine explains, “The privacy provisions in 42 CFR Part 2 were motivated by the understanding that stigma and fear of prosecution might dissuade persons with substance use disorders from seeking treatment.” Privacy concerns should never be a factor limiting getting substance abuse help. When you don’t wait to get treatment, you can keep your personal challenges and medical care secret. When you wait to get LSD abuse help, you may lose your privacy. When you delay recovery, you make it more likely that you will fail a drug test. You are more likely to get in an accident involving LSD or other substances. You give friends and family members more time to find drugs or paraphernalia. You give them more time to become aware of your changes in mood and behavior. Addiction cannot remain secret forever. Treatment actually can.

Don’t Wait: Stay Committed to Change

You may be determined to end LSD abuse and get help. However if you wait until later, you may change your mind. Or rather, addiction may change it for you. The Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior[2] explains delay discounting, or the devaluing of rewards the further they are in the distance. Addiction hinges on delay discounting. Immediate rewards are chosen over greater but long-term benefits time and time again. This happens even when you are convinced you think and feel otherwise. You may make the decision to stop using drugs and get LSD abuse help, but if you don’t take action immediately, this determination may wane. The Journal shares that addiction, “allows for preference reversal, a phenomenon in which when making a choice, individuals initially prefer to wait for a larger, distant reward rather than wait a shorter amount of time for a smaller reward but, as time goes on and the small reward draws near, they subsequently change their minds.” When it comes to recovery and treatment, individuals, “honestly pledge to stop using in the near future but, when that future arrives and they are confronted with their vice, they are unable to follow through with their pledges.” When you delay LSD abuse help, you place more time between thought and action. Addiction takes advantage of this time to undermine your decisions and your commitment. When you are ready to change, or even just ready to think about changing, get LSD abuse help. Talk to your doctor, a recovery professional or a helpline like ours. Begin recovery today. Don’t wait for a tomorrow that you may never quite reach.

Get LSD Abuse Help Now

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