Will I Always Be a LSD Addict?

Will I Always Be a LSD Addict?If you’ve been to rehab or researched addiction recovery, you know addiction is not something you can walk away from by yourself. There is no “cure” for addiction, and recovery requires long-term effort. Addiction is a disease, and like other diseases it is treatable and manageable.

LSD Addiction as a Disease

While LSD is not physically addictive, there is the possibility of developing a strong psychological addiction. LSD addicts will need to address LSD flashbacks, the sometimes permanent mental health issues and the physical effects of drug abuse. Addiction is similar to disease in the following ways:

  • Genetics – Your genes not only determine your physical traits, but also your likelihood of developing a disease like addiction. If you have close family members who were addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are more likely to fall into drug abuse yourself.
  • Environment – Many diseases can be prevented by avoiding enabling environments and by living a healthy lifestyle. It works the same way with addiction. If you were exposed to LSD abuse, then using it may have seemed like an OK idea at the time. After the psychological addiction hits, your behaviors and habits will change dramatically so that a complete environmental overhaul will be necessary.
  • Mental health issues – If you were suffering from a mental health disorder (like depression or anxiety) before you began using LSD, or if you developed a mental health disorder as a product of LSD use (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia), your addiction could worsen as a result. As with other diseases, your mental health has an immense impact on your overall health as you fight to get better.
  • No cure – Like other diseases, addiction has no cure: there is no one-size-fits-all treatment and there is no magic pill to make recovery a one-time event. Overcoming addiction will take time and effort.
  • Treatable – Also like other diseases, addiction is treatable. You can live with your drug use far in the past and sobriety in your future. Rehab is a place in which you can safely and comfortably overcome drug abuse. At a qualified rehab center you can target your addiction as a disease by addressing your family history, enabling environment and behaviors, mental health issues and taking educational classes.
  • Maintenance – Aftercare programs that follow primary treatments are essential in keeping you focused and on the right track. The necessity of continuing treatments may be the most important similarity between disease and addiction.

LSD Addiction Help

Even if you’ve received treatment repeatedly, give yourself another chance. Feel free to call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline whenever you’re ready. We can even help you financially by telling you how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab. Call today.